24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services in Manchester and Wigan

Mkeeze Locksmiths provides the best emergency locksmith services in Manchester and Wigan 24/7. We can solve any lock issues fast and efficiently.

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About Mkeeze Locksmiths

we gain entry through non-destructive entry methods.

Mkeeze Locksmiths is a full-service locksmithing company we specially provide 24/7 emergency locksmith service in Wigan & Manchester area. We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years, and we’ve made a quite name for ourselves. Many rely on us when it comes to any lock issues. We have good reputation towards most people living in Wigan, Manchester area. Whether you’ve been locked in your house or you can’t access your house because you lost the key. One call us and we will have you back inside in no time. Also, our team of experts is experienced and proficient at doing lock services quickly without damaging your doors or locks – 24/7.

High-quality locksmith Services in Wigan, Manchester area

We’re committed to provide the highest-quality Locksmith Services at the most competitive rates in wigan.

We started this journey a little over 10 years ago intending to provide the community of Wigan the professional locksmith service  its people deserved. We provide all our services in high-quality also at competitive rates as well. It’s a testament to the quality of our services that even after 10 years, we are still the region’s number one choice of a locksmith service provider.

Range of a locksmith in wigan

We can handle a wide range of locksmith issues in wigan area.  If you need emergency locksmiths, we’re always available in Manchester  – 24/7. Are you stuck in your house or office? We can get you out quickly with our lockout service. The services we provide include Emergency Locksmiths, Lockouts, Locks repair, Keys on site, Lock installs, Lock change. Whether you are trapped in your house because of a lock issue or lost the key to your office we’ll solve your lock issue quickly and efficiently. Unsure if we can solve your problem or not? Give us a call, and we will fix the problem.

The specialty of a locksmith in wigan area

We are professional and trained at dealing with most types of locksmith issues. But our team isn’t just highly trained but also certified and licensed to work in a wide range of locksmith problems. Also, our team is full of excellent and humble people who offer personalized customer service that deliver comfort and peace of mind to our customers. And we guarantee efficient, damage-free work with all our services. It’s our pride to be the leading locksmith services provider in Manchester and Wigan area. When you call Mkeeze Locksmiths, consider your lock issues solved. And when you are signing with our service, you’ll see what we’re capable of. Call us today.

Emergency Locksmith Service icon

Emergency Locksmith

The expert team from the best locksmith 24/7 emergency services provider available for any emergency issues.

Lock Repair Service icon

Lock Repair

Mkeeze locksmits provides the best locks repairs service in the Manchester and Wigan area.

Lock Installs Service icon

Lock Installs

Install top quality locks to prevent theft from one of the best locksmiths service provider— Mkeeze Locksmiths.

Lockouts Service icon


Lockout service provides entry to your home, Office, or business when you do not have the keys.

Keys On Site Service icon

Keys On Site

Lost the key for your home or office? We'll make you a new key programmed on the site.

Lock Change Service icon

Lock Change

Change your low combination lock with a high-level and complex lock only you can use with— Mkeeze Locksmiths.

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Our Specialty

Why we are the best Locksmith Service Provider in wigan?

Mkeeze Locksmiths is one of the best locksmith service providers in the industry. Also, the very best and the number #1 choice in the Manchester and Wigan area. We’ve helped countless people in the region with their lock issues. But the ones who still haven’t used our services may think otherwise. We can list several reasons we are the best locksmith service provider in Manchester & Wigan Area. The reasons are:

Quick response time 24-7

We respond very quickly to our customers call and faster in case if it’s emergency. Our expert will leave right away as soon as you need help and solve your issue promptly.

Competitive price

We can guarantee the price we offer for our locksmithing services. It’s our pride to provide the best services along with competitive prices. You can rest assured we won’t charge any extra from you.


Experience speaks for itself, as we are still living and kicking in the industry. In fact, we’re still leading as one of the best in Manchester & Wigan area. We started more than 10 years ago, and the trust we get from our customers are inexplicable which we take honor in.

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

When you lose your key to your home or office what should you do? Should you search for the key until you find it. Or if your lock stops working suddenly what then? You can find locksmith services provider around you, and for any emergency, you can rely upon Mkeeze Locksmiths.

What We Can Do For You?

  • 24/7 Availability for any emergency locksmithing issue
  • Reaching the client's destination as fast as possible
  • Fixing the problem quickly and efficiently.


Everyone at some point has lock issues. Losing their keys or their lock for the home or office stops working. Especially if you lose your key for your home, it spells trouble for you. For example, let’s say you have an urgent meeting in Manchester, but you can’t find the key to your home. You’re searching for the key while losing precious time.

Again if you’re inside the house or office and the lock suddenly has problems you can’t do anything about it. You’ll need to rely on professional locksmith services providers. And Mkeeze Locksmiths is the best in the Wigan and Manchester area for locksmithing services. We have the track record to prove we are the best in the region. Mkeeze Locksmiths have been in the business for more than 10 years, and we’re still the number one choice in Manchester.

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Why Us?

So if you need 24-hour emergency locksmith in Manchester and Wigan area help urgently call Us. We can provide fast, reliable service because we focus on quick response and professionally qualified locksmith staff. Whatever urgent issue you have we’ll fix it quickly and efficiently.
  • Fully insured and CRB vetted.
  • Quick response upon call.
  • Qualified and professional locksmiths.
  • 24/7 Emergency locksmith issues fixed fast and efficiently.


Losing key for home or office is a frequent occurrence in Manchester and Wigan area. And getting locked on your own home can sometimes happen because of losing the key. In case you are locked out don’t panic. Call Mkeeze Locksmiths, and we’ll get you out quickly.

What We Can Do For You?

  • We can get you out quickly and efficiently.
  • 24/7 availability days and week.
  • Lockout service done by professional and expert locksmiths.


Getting locked out from your home can be pretty troublesome. Much worse, if you get locked out of your office when no one’s around. But if you have a reliable and professional locksmith service provider like Mkeeze Locksmiths in the area you don’t need to worry. One call and we’ll get there soon to get you out quickly without damaging your door or lock.

Mkeeze Locksmiths have been in the business for more than 10 years, and we’re still the first choice 24/7 emergency locksmith provider for peoples living in the Manchester and Wigan. Our experience speaks for itself. With a professional and fully trained locksmith team, we are not only the best in Manchester but also one of the tops in the industry.

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Why Us?

Mkeeze Locksmiths is one of the top locksmith services provider in the industry and the number one choice in the Manchester and Wigan area. What makes us different from other company is our fast and swift response and trained experts who can get you out without damaging your property. If you are locked out, leave it to us, and you’ll be out in no time.

  • Fast response upon call.
  • Fully trained locksmiths who can get you our in a matter of seconds if you are locked out.
  • Getting you out without damaging any property.
  • Fully insured and CRB vetted.
Locks Repair

Locks Repair

Locks are essential whether you are a homeowner or business owner. With a good lock in place. You can sleep peacefully. That’s why if your lock causes issue then you’ll need to repair it quickly. You can do that with Mkeeze Locksmiths locks repair service.

What We Can Do For You?

  • Repair an old lock and repair it to work like a new one.
  • If the lock is making noise or key getting stuck, we can fix it.
  • Repairing the lock in a matter of seconds with no mistake.


For better security, every household, office has locks placed on them. Inevitably the locks will start causing problem sooner or later. And if the lock of your home, office causes trouble that’s a severe problem in your security. A lock is an essential tool to protect your properties. So, it’s necessary to repair the locks to keep your properties safe and sound. We – Mkeeze Locksmiths is the best for the job.

If you are living in the Wigan and Manchester area, you may have heard about Mkeeze Locksmiths. We have been operating in the area for more than 10 years, and we’ve made a name for ourselves as the best locksmith services provider in the region. Call us to repair your lock, and we’ll get it done swiftly.

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Why Us?

Our experience in the industry gives us an edge over other locksmith services providers. But not only knowledge we have a team of experts who can repair most types of clocks. We also charge reasonable prices for our lock repairing service.

  • The expert team of locksmiths can repair most types of locks.
  • Experienced and fully trained expert locksmiths.
  • Repairing your lock at a competitive price.
  • Fully insured and CRB vetted.
Keys On Site

Keys On Site

It’s obvious losing keys to home or office can be very troublesome. And making a backup key takes time which most wouldn’t be delighted to think of. Need to make a key? Contact Mkeeze Locksmiths, and we’ll make a new key on site that doesn’t lose to the old or even better for you.

What We Can Do For You?

  • Fast response upon calling and swift work.
  • Make a new key comparable to the old or even better.
  • The client can pick the key; however, he/she wants.


If you lost the key to your home or office, you’d need a new key in case you don’t have a backup key. Your best bet will be to contact a professional locksmith service provider to make a new key fast. Most of the time, professionals don’t take much time but if you are in urgent need of a key Mkeeze Locksmiths will be your best bet.

Upon your call, our expert locksmith will arrive at your destination within  the hour. It’s our pride to offer the best quality keys on-site services in Wigan, and countless customers have been happy with our service. Call us, and you’ll know why we are the best.

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Why Us?

If a key stops working suddenly or malfunction or if you lose the key it’s natural you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Our professional and fully trained locksmiths are proficient at what they do. And they are swift and efficient in making a key on site upon a client’s request.

  • Quick and efficient working time.
  • Cost-effective lock repair service.
  • Professional and fully trained locksmiths.
Lock Installs

Lock Installs

The lock of your home or office stopped working? Install a new efficient, and unique lock with Emergency Mkeeze Locksmiths lock installs service. Inevitably locks will get old, and efficiency will drop. You can decide to repair the lock, but when a lock gets too old repairing becomes difficult, even for the best of locksmiths. So installing a new lock will be much better. And you can install the lock of your desire with Mkeeze Locksmiths.

What We Can Do For You?

  • Remove the old lock and install a new one without any damage
  • With large varieties, the user may choose the type of lock he/she wants.
  • Installing the lock with the help of professional locksmiths
  • Fresh install of locks on Interior/exterior doors/garages/gates


Our Technicians can freshly install an array of new locks on PVC doors, Wooden doors, windows and garage doors along with mechanisms and handles.

Choose from a huge inventory, from budget locks to a complete high security setup.

Keep your home and office security up with new locks and call for Mkeeze Locksmiths for the best locks install service in the region. Our experts are humble and friendly so you can talk to them about any of your locksmith issues.

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Why Us?

You can install your locks with the best in the Manchester and Wigan area— Mkeeze Locksmiths. Our professional locksmiths are fully trained and have enough experience to install any lock you want. Also, we charge no extra fee for our locks installation service.

  • Professional locksmiths, proficient at installing any locks.
  • 24/7 availability so you can call Mkeeze Locksmiths any time of the day or week you want.
  • No hidden fee.
Lock Change

Lock Change

Do you need to change the lock of your house or office? If the lock has become too old and you are worried about security. It might be time to change the lock. Contact Mkeeze Locksmiths for quick and efficient lock change service.

What We Can Do For You?

  • Emergency lock change service available 24/7 in Manchester and Wigan.
  • Change the old lock with modern locks.
  • High security upgrade.
  • Discount available for new home owners.


Locks give better security to your home, office, and others. You can have a piece of mind with good locks placed in your property. But do you know that as technology advance getting inside a home or office uninvited is getting easier? Yes, easier if the lock in your properties is locks with flimsy security. So, smart peoples change their lock frequently, once a few months at least to prevent theft and uninvited guests breaking in.

Whether you need a lock for your home or better security for your Office, you’ll consider changing if it’s too old. Changing lock is easy if you call a professional locksmith. In fact, there are many companies providing locksmithing services in Manchester and Wigan.

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Why Us?

Mkeeze Locksmiths have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and we have been gained much trust from peoples of the region. We’ll change your old locks with new ones with top-quality security that will protect your property from theft and uninvited guests.

  • Experienced and trusted in the locksmithing industry.
  • Upgrade to modern, more secure locks
Our Other Services

Landlord / Estate agent/ Auction/ Repossession services

We offer special prices and subscriptions for landlords that own 2 or more rental properties or large HMO properties.

We also have select packages for estate agents, auction houses and repossession companies who will may need to gain entry and replace locks for one reason or another along with a key holding service

Have any questions?

Check our FAQ

Mkeeze Locksmiths have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and we have established ourselves as the number #1 locksmith services provider in the Wigan and Manchester area. And the fact we are the best in the region still hasn’t changed because our services are of high-quality and we provide Emergency Locksmith Service.

A locksmith is a profession where a licensed and trained person do works regarding keys, locks, safes, and related hardware.

A locksmith install, service, maintain, and repair products such as keys, locks, safes, and associated hardware.

To become a locksmith, one needs to complete a 4-year apprenticeship and a Certificate III in Engineering-Mechanical Trade (locksmith).

You won’t surely hire a carpenter to do a plumbing job for your home. It’s the same. It’s a matter of professionalism and efficiency.

If you think you need to change locks in your property or the locks are getting too old and causing problems. You should call for professional help from expert locksmiths.

The first thing you should search for a locksmith that if the person is licensed or not. It would be even better if there is a well known and established locksmith services provider around you. Also, a top quality locksmith will have a proven track record and should be willing to take responsibility for the result of their work.

A qualified and licensed locksmith will have their State Government issued Security Employee License with them. There should be the subclasses of 2B, 2C, 2D, and 2E listed on the ACT.

If the lock starts causing problems or if you notice it’s not working correctly you should change the lock promptly with the help of a professional locksmith services provider.

When you are locked out from your property or safe because you lost the key or the lock isn’t working. In result, you can’t get out— in locksmith term; it’s called locked out. A quality locksmith can get you out in no time without damaging your property.

Lockpicking is illegal without licensed, and in the first place, the tools for lockpicking is illegal as well, and most stores don’t sell the tools. Only professional and licensed locksmiths can carry lock picking tools.


Common Asked Questions for Locksmith service

How can I trust a locksmith?

Mkeeze locksmith is a Fully insured and CRB checked business. We will always show you photographic ID when we turn up at your house.

Any keys we hold as a key holding service are kept in code and in a locked keysafe in a secure building. Our reviews speak for themselves.

I have a budget can I afford Mkeeze Locksmiths services?

Generally speaking, locksmith services aren’t expensive at all, and most peoples can afford our services even if they have low budgets.

Can you make me a new key urgently?

Yes, upon your call our expert locksmith will go to your location immediately and make you a key however you want in a matter of minutes. We  are specially emergency locksmith service provider in Manchester and Wigan area. 

Can you repair my home’s old lock?

Yes, in most cases we can repair any old lock. However, keep in mind if the lock is badly damaged or became too old there may be a necessity to change the lock.


Clients Love with mkeezelocksmiths

I recommend Mkeeze Locksmiths to anyone who is looking for a reliable and professional locksmithing service provider. Truly the best. I've had them change my old lock with a new one, and it's still working like it's new.
I needed to repair the lock for my safe, and the professional locksmiths did it very quickly and efficiently. They are my number one choice of the locksmithing service provider.
When I lost the key for my home when I needed the prescription for my child, I was shivering with fear. But one of my friend who was close to me recommended Mkeeze Locksmiths and they solved the issue fast.
Truly the best, Mkeeze Locksmiths. The guy who came to repair the lock for my office when I gave them an emergency call was, and it didn't take him much time to finish the job.
This is the second time I’m working with Mkeeze Locksmiths. They were very professional and friendly with the job. Not to mention, they charged very little compared to how much work they did. I’m grateful to them.
Bornas Mischel
I lost my key to my office, and it was very frustrating for me not able to enter when I urgently needed some documents inside. Not to mention it was embarrassing in front of my employees. I called Mkeeze Locksmiths, and they made me a key on the spot. Bless you, guys.
I needed emergency Locksmith help with my home’s lock, and they responded very quickly. Also, the price was very reasonable, and the locksmith was kind as well. I recommend Mkeeze Locksmiths before any other company.
I’m a returning client, and I know how good they are. I just want to say you’ll lose nothing hiring Mkeeze Locksmiths. They will solve any locksmith issues like magic. I recommend them to everyone in the region.
It’s been many years since I got to know Mkeeze Locksmiths. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys. I relied on them many times and no matter the lock issue they were swift and efficient with their works. Mkeeze Locksmiths is my first choice of locksmith services provider.