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Looking for locksmith  in Bury or Salford Area? Having a damaged lock or a lost key can sometimes be frustrating and annoying. Most especially when you need to go out right away. Whatever your lock problems might be, no matter the size big or small, Mkeeze locksmiths are always there to give help to a friend at all times. We offer the best of services you can get. Are you in Bury, Salford or their neighboring areas and need a trustworthy locksmith service, then you just found the right choice. From emergency lock repairs to installation of new high-quality security locks, we have you totally covered. We have been serving people with quality locksmith services of all kinds for about a decade now. 

Locksmiths cut duplicate or new keys using key-cutting machines, impressions or code key machines. They install locks in doors and disassemble electrical and mechanical locking devices. They also maintain locking systems by repairing and replacing worn springs, tumblers and other parts.

We are known as the kings of quality locksmith services. The best you can find and they come to you at affordable and competitive rates with zero hidden charges of any kind. We offer all services one would definitely need ranging from residential locksmith services to commercial locksmiths, business security locksmith services and all others

Locksmith - Lock & Key Solution:

Different lock hazards can happen at several moments and they often take us unaware. It is great to have just that trustworthy friend you can always call in this time of need to help and make you feel safe again. This is why Mkeeze is always there for you with the best of affordable top standard services you can find. Just the perfect solution to your lock and key problems

What We Can Do

  • Repair of locks
  • Key Extraction
  • Lock installation
  • All kinds of lockout services
  • Change of locks
  • Safe unlocking
  • Keys onsite
  • Ignition replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Key duplication

Locksmith Overview:

MKEEZE locksmiths are a company that offers the best locksmith services in Bury & Salford and also its nearby areas. Having a reputation for providing 24 hours emergency locksmith services 7 days a week no matter the time of day and have been in the business for up to 10 years.

We have been found reliable at all times of the day, whether you’ve been locked out of your house because you misplaced the key, or a knot decided to go the wrong way, MKEEZE locksmiths have a range of services they provide at competitive rates. One of the reasons why MKEEZE Locksmiths is so reliable is that we are highly accessible, with several hotline numbers reachable to you at all times. Your much needed expert locksmith is just a call away. We have a large staff that is available every hour of every day due to their staff rotation schedule. So whosoever is attending to you is always at the top of their game. Our years of experience have also given our team of professional locksmiths exquisite service skills and given them a full understanding of how to deal with customers.

People tend not to realize the intricacy of security. Loud alarms and high tech sound security systems are all good but a good functioning key and the lock can completely protect your house and or office for a reduced cost. The MKEEZE team recognized this often ignored yet vital part of everyday life and decided to make provision for a round the clock locksmith service. 

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Our Support Area:

At Mkeeze Locksmiths, customer satisfaction is always paramount and every other thing comes second. We always strive to ensure that all our clients enjoy the best of locksmith services and feel safe after we leave with a job well done. 

Why Choose Us in Bury & Salford

  • No hidden fees
  • Best of locksmith services
  • Trustworthy and Reliable
  • Effectiveness
  • Long-lasting fix and friendly prices
Locksmith Service in Bury & Salford

24 Hour Locksmith Service provider in Bury & Salford

Have you been locked out of your house due to a faulty lock? Have you gotten stranded due to a misplaced key? Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy, round the clock locksmith company? Well, there’s a reliable 24/7 locksmith service ready to save you at amazing rates. MKEEZE locksmiths are just a call away. 

Fast Locksmith Service in your area

No matter what time your lock gets faulty or shows that sign that it needs replacing or your key goes missing or maybe you are locked in. One thing that is sure to stop you from panicking is when you are assured you have someone on standby ready to offer you a quick service with their fast response. If you are in need of fast response with the best of services, then call Mkeeze locksmiths to help solve your lock problems

No Hidden Fees Service

It is always out annoying when you find out after service rendered you are going to have to pay for something you were not aware of from the start. As an experienced company in the industry, we know how that feels. This is why we don’t give customers any form of hidden charges and you can relax knowing that what you have been charged is the only fee you are going to pay. 

24/7 - Emergency Locksmith

MKEEZE Locksmiths have a large staff with shifts organized in a way to provide round the clock services. Just a simple call can have one of their staff ready to sort out whatsoever issue you may be having. Numerous hotline numbers are pasted all over the website to ensure accessibility by prospective customers. So when you’re in a rush and find yourself stranded because of a faulty lock or misplaced key, a call can save your day in minutes. 

Home lock Specialist in your City

Putting up just the right lock at home is needed no matter how you look at it. Just the right lock for the right door and the right environment makes the perfect combination. We have locksmiths specialized in this type of job and you can rest assured to get just the best of services and the best of locks. From installation to repairs, all kinds of services are all at your fingertips. Just place a call whenever you need it and be sure to get it as soon as possible. 

Business Security Locksmith Service

No matter the scale of your business, big or small, we all need to have a security system in place as it is really essential. This helps you, your staff, your customer and clients all feel safe. It is also a better way to make sure your money or company belongings are all safe. We help with the installation and repairs of business security systems as well as safes. 

Ignition repairs and changes

From Ignition repairs and changes to key replacements and all sorts of lock issues on your automobiles, we are always there to give you a helping hand. If you decide to add a security system to your car then we have got you covered as well. No matter how big or small your auto-lock issue is, Mkeeze locksmiths professionals are always ready to help out 24 hours of every day. 

Commercial Locksmith Setting up

Setting up a lock or security system at that place of business or commercial location is never a problem for a locksmith professional and also is repairing one. Be sure to get the best fix and set up done to your satisfaction any time any day. From re-key locks to master key systems, Door hardware installation services, we afford you all kinds for your business safety. 

Residential Locksmith for everyone

Everyone needs their home to make them feel safe and comfortable. You want to be able to lay down and sleep without having to worry about anything or your house not being secure and easily penetrable. This can only be assured by using the best of locks and security systems installed by the best of locksmiths. Mkeeze Locksmiths are always on hand to give your home that safe lock system or help you fix up your faulty one if it doesn’t need any replacement. Call on our services and have your system fixed and enjoy comfort and safety in your home without fear of burglars in Bury. 

Security Experts in Bury & Salford

Nobody wants a careless job done in Bury & Salford of securing their lives and property. A sloppy or unprofessional job done on your locks is as good as submitting the protection of your family in the hands of hobos. When it comes to security issues you need grade A professionals and experts in the field. Nonchalance is something that should never be brought into matters of security. You need certified security experts. And you don’t need to look too far, MKEEZE locksmiths are comprised of security experts. Educated in all areas of locksmithing and maintenance of locks, the staff of Mkeeze is one of the best solutions to security issues. 

Security Tips for home By Mkeeze locksmiths

When it comes down to home security, nothing is enough, you have to take every measure possible. It is always important to keep your doors and windows locked at every open gate and keep your home secured against every threat. Threats like burglary, fire or intrusion. It is very important to have monitors and security systems at home as it serves as one of the best ways to keep your home secured. High tech security systems are all good but it is important to also try sticking to some rules and things you should and should never do in order to keep yourself and your home safe. Here are a few things you should know to help you ensure the safety of your home. 


  • Change your locks once you lose a key. With immediate effect.
  • It is important your house looks occupied at all times. You could even use timers to switch on and off your lights at intervals.
  • Change all locks and keys whenever you move into a new apartment. It is very important and essential you do so. 
  • If you have an alarm system installed, it is important to have all wiring concealed to make it more effective. Professional burglars lookout for spots where he or she can just cut off or disconnect your alarm system. 
  • Sometimes try to see if you can burgle yourself. This can make you see some loopholes in your security system or issues with your lock and I’ll advise you change it to something stronger. If you could find that then anyone else would. 
  • If your alarm system goes off regularly without being touched, it is essential not to ignore it and get it fixed as soon as possible. Always remember to inform your neighbors it has been fixed so they don’t get to ignore it whenever it goes off for real. 
  • No matter how much time you have or how in a hurry you might be, never forget to always lock all doors and windows. Most times thieves and burglars do walk through open doors or get in through open windows. 
  • If you hire a cleaner or caretaker at home always make sure the person is trustworthy, reliable and accountable. Always run a thorough background check on the person before hiring and entrusting them with the security of your home.  
  • If you must leave behind a spare key, don’t leave it at a place that is easy to find or an expected place. If possible bury them where you can easily find them.

How to choosing a locksmith ?

Look for reliability

Don’t just go for any happy-go-lucky guy. Find a locksmith service that is consistent, skilled and is always available. You wouldn’t want a situation whereby you are stranded and you call a locksmith service and whoever receives the call tells they are on their way and thirty minutes later you have not seen anyone.

– When choosing a locksmith, look for trustworthiness 

Your home security is of utmost importance, likewise the security of your office and any other property you own. So obviously you need someone trustworthy to handle your locks and keys. Someone that would change your locks and hand over all the keys, someone that won’t disclose any information about your property or its layout. 

– Efficiency is of utmost importance

The lives of your family and the safety of your property lies in the hands of whoever is taking care of your security, locks, and keys. You don’t need a sloppy job to be done in regard to security. Look for someone that does a clean and thorough job, who leaves no stone unturned and no screw in the wrong hole. Find someone who knows his tools and can identify faults. Someone who knows the right solution to your lock issues.

Affordable rates 

In as much as you need A grade services, you don’t need to go bankrupt in order to get such service. Look for a service provider that provides their services at affordable rates that would let you get everything done, not giving up one thing for the other because of finance.

– Transparency

No hidden fees, no hidden information. You need a service provider that will tell you everything as it is.


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Locksmiths for Locks and Doors in Bury & Salford

Before a locksmith service can be tagged professional, it should possess certain qualities. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction: 

When you seek out professional locksmith services, you are obviously looking for the best of the best. It is therefore paramount that we here at MKEEZE locksmith services give you the best. We assure you that you would have no reason to regret calling us to handle your lock and key issues. There is definitely going to be a smile on your face at the end of the day.

Speedy Response: 

Time is of essence and we would never leave you stranded because your key got faulty. Just a call and we are already on our way even before you’ve ended the call. Our staff has all been trained to execute all key and lock repairs in due time.

Premium Quality: 

Each piece of equipment that we use and their application are 100% quality. From our services to our tools and apparatus, our customer service and response, all premium quality.


The search for quality service doesn’t mean one has to get bankrupt. We have made it an important point to make our service affordable so that nobody is left out of experiencing our amazing services. 


You never have to worry whether or not we are going to make it or if we are going to be there on time. RELIABILITY is our second name. Whatever the problem maybe we will be there.

Have any questions?

Check our FAQ

Our hotlines are boldly typed on several points on our website, likewise our emails. Just a call or email away.

We can repair old locks but we recommend changing it completely for optimum safety.

All our staff undergo a thorough background check and we keep track of does attends to whom

Locksmiths cut duplicate or new keys using key-cutting machines, impressions or code key machines. They install locks in doors and disassemble electrical and mechanical locking devices. They also maintain locking systems by repairing and replacing worn springs, tumblers and other parts.

It depends on the service rendered but everything is reasonably priced.

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